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Do You Have a Big, Fat, Hairy _____?

This is the ONE thing you must have that makes everything else fall into place.

Do You Have a Big, Fat, Hairy _____?

Here’s a riddle for you:

What one thing MUST you have that gives everything in your life purpose and makes your life far more exciting? And when you don’t have it, everything is dull, boring and monotonous?

Let me put it another way – are you leaping out of bed in the morning, eager to get going?

Are you excited to work 12 hours in a day?

Do you look forward to your future so much, you almost can’t sleep at night?

If not, then you don’t have a big, fat, hairy goal – that one thing you want more than anything else in this world.

This should be a goal that gets you so revved up, you cannot stop thinking about it and working on it. You want to put in long hours and do whatever it takes – no matter how scary or new – to make it happen because it means so much to you.

This goal is your reason for living and because of it you look forward with eager anticipation towards the future.

You’ve heard plenty of stories about overnight successes.

Someone starts a company and BAM! They sell that company for 10 million or maybe 100 million dollars.

And all you can think is, “Wow, I wish I could do that!”

You can. All it takes is several years of working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week on your big hairy goal.

That – believe it or not – is how you become an overnight success.

When you hear about the 7 or 8 figure sale of a new company, what you don’t hear about is the long hours the founder put in to make that company work.

So how can you possible put in such crazy hours? It’s easy, when it’s your big goal. When it’s what you want to do more than anything else, then it becomes as pleasurable to you as hobbies are to other people.

Find your big fat hairy goal, whatever it might be. And then don’t let anything stop you from achieving that goal.

Selling Online? Do This to Increase Conversions

You might think this is getting rather picky, but I’ve found it flat out works.

Selling Online? Do This to Increase Conversions

When advertising anything with a price, lower the left-hand portion of the price and test it against your original price.

For example, if you’re currently selling your ebook for $10.00, lower the price to $9.99. Yes, I know it’s only a penny, but look at the left side of those two numbers – 10 versus 9.

People aren’t all that logical. They’re not good at math, either. So while you and I know it’s only a lousy penny, somewhere in their brain they are perceiving one price as being ten bucks and the other prices as nine bucks.

Try it. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised at the increase in sales.

15 Great Infographic Ideas

Why do people love infographics so much? Why do they read them from top to bottom and share them on social media like candy?

15 Great Infographic Ideas

Maybe it’s because they’re fun to look at and read.

Perhaps it’s because infographics communicate complex ideas and data in an entertaining, imaginative way.

Or it could be that infographics are sort of a treasure hunt for the eyes and mind – you never know exactly what you’re going to find, where you’re going to find it or how it will be presented.

Here then are 15 ideas for your next infographic:

1: Show ‘how to.’ Give instructions in infographic style to demonstrate how to do something. These work great at explaining difficult or complex things and can be used in conjunction with a tutorial-type of article. Example: “How to Make the Best Strudel.”

2: Do a roundup. There are various types of roundups such as reviews, products, quotes, favorites, methods, etc. Example: “Best Advice from 12 Celebrities on How to Break into Show Business.”

3: Explain the process. You can break down and simplify a process using an infographic so that’s easy to understand. “From Raw Fabric to Fashion Dress in 12 Steps.”

4: Break it down. Just as you can break down a process into steps, you can also break down the components of just about anything. “7 Things Every Successful Website Has.”

5: Show ‘the world of ___’. You can use an infographic to visually show everything within a certain realm: For example, “Beers of Washington State,” “Teas of India,” etc.

6: Charts and tables. Explaining how the price of Bitcoin has gone up is one thing: Demonstrating in an infographic how it’s gone up, where it’s projected to go and how much is traded is something entirely different and much easier to grasp.

7: Compare and contrast. This might be before and after, the new way versus the old way, or your product or service versus a competitor. For example, “How XYZ Company Stacks Up Against ABC Company.”

8: Show the timeline. This could be the evolution of just about anything relevant. For example, “The history of Amazon.”

9: Show the hazards. This could be mistakes, warnings, myths and so forth of a particular topic. For example, “The 7 Dangers of Streaking.”

10: Research and survey results. Showing your data in infographic format makes it much easier to grasp and understand. Example: “Survey Results: What Women Want from Men.”

11: Event Timeline. Let’s say you’re giving a conference. You can show the timeline of events during the conference in an infographic to show what’s happening and when it’s happening, and to build interest and excitement. “Belly Lint World Conference, 2018.”

12: Tell a story. Think of a picture book, only in infographic form. “The Adventures of a Newbie Marketer.”

13: Flow charts. How do you show the process of something? Or your family tree? Or an organizational chart? Make it into an infographic. For example, “The History and Family Tree of the Neidermeyer Family.”

14: Biography. This is a person’s history in timeline form illustrated in an infographic. This is the perfect way to show someone’s life succinctly and in an interesting fashion. Example: “The Life and Films of Cary Grant.”

15: Make a list. These are great for communicating all sorts of content. For example, the list you just read could easily be turned into an infographic.

Gather your infographic content, contact your graphic designer, and you can have your infographic perfected and online in just days.

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