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How to Make Your Customers Feel Special

Making your customers feel like they are more than just a buyer is not that difficult. As you always do, thank them for their business, but there is more that you can do. Thanking them is one thing, but remembering them on a special occasion is a big plus.

Howto Make Your Customers Feel Special

No one will get to know their customers overnight, but an effort to get to know them over time can pay big dividends in your business. For starters, since they are your customers, you do know at least something about them because they like the products and services you offer.

Do keep in mind; you should never assume that they always want the same things. You probably think you know what your customers want but you cannot be 100% sure. One of the main reasons businesses fail is because they are trying to create demand where there isn’t any. Also, businesses will build themselves around ideas that are untested and unproven. Those ideas will often make it difficult to attract even a small number of customers.

Always give your customer what they want, and always do what you say you will do. If you say you will give them something for free, make sure they get it. Don’t say they will get it and then they are waiting for it and it never arrives. Or if you say the product will be delivered by a certain date, make sure it is. People won’t want to buy from you if they are misled. If you are not able to deliver something by the promised date, let them know why; don’t make them wait.

Aside from delivering what you promised, it is a good idea to create and personalize a loyalty program. For instance, if you are an Internet marketer or blog owner, you can create a program where customers receive a discount after earning so many points and they can earn points when they buy from you or refer people to your products.

Staying connected is really important too. You don’t want too much time passing where the customer never hears from you. Every now and then, you should send a letter to your subscribers and customers giving updates or good news or something they may find interesting. Always have something prepared to send and schedule it with your autoresponder.

This may sound funny, but give a little favoritism to your buyers. While you always want to get new customers, you cannot forget about people who already buy from you. Make them feel as if they are really important by creating a loyal customer or VIP program.

One thing I’ve learned through experience is to reach out to your customers when they have a birthday, or if someone is getting married or having a baby. Of course you will only know as much information about someone as they will tell you, but use what you do know about them and let them know you are thinking about them when the time is right.

Lastly, the way you handle customer service is crucial. If someone has a problem or a concern, always stay level headed. Never make excuses. You know and they know that you have more than one customer, but people always feel as if they are the only one. Give them that personal touch.

Now you have some tips to help you make your customers feel like they want to do business with you. The more you practice these skills, the better you will become as a business owner and your customers will want to continue to buy from you over and over again.

Video Blogging to Grow your Business

As you already may know, videos are the most popular type of media on the web today. More and more people are looking for a video to watch than simply reading an article. With the written word, there may be misinterpretations as compared to watching a video. People like to have visuals to help them understand something better.

VideoBlogging to Grow your Business

Think about this: YouTube is the second largest search engine on the World Wide Web today. Millions upon millions of visitors go to YouTube every day to watch a music video, something entertaining, or even something informative. Because videos are so popular, many people have vlogs (video blogs).

You don’t even need to invest in a website for uploading your videos. If you have a YouTube channel, that can be your vlog. YouTube has many ways to help you monetize your videos, so you definitely want to use YouTube and your own site together.

There is more than one way to make money with YouTube. You can either put up a video with a backlink to your site, to an affiliate site, or you can become a partner with them and make money with ads.

As an experienced marketer, you know how important video is today. I have touched on using video in other articles, but now I want to go more in depth. Let’s start by talking about different types of videos you can make, which will encourage people to check out your site. This will be a way to make income before you use more technical approaches with your videos.

For starters one of the highest searches for videos is a tutorial. Say someone wants to build a website for themselves and they don’t know how to do it. They will search YouTube for a tutorial on it. They will watch step by step as someone shows them by screen cast how to build a site from beginning to end. Tutorial videos are not limited to just showing someone how to build a website of course.

You can also demonstrate a product for people. If you are selling a tablet computer for example, you can show people some of its features and what it can do and how to use it. How well you explain the product and how to use its features will depend on whether people will tune in and watch your videos. If they like what they see, they are more likely to check out any other videos you have on your channel.

A great presentation about not just the computer, buy any product you can demonstrate will give people more of an incentive to purchase it. Since you are the one who created the demonstration, they are more likely to buy the product from you.

There are many other subjects and niches you can vlog about. If you keep a journal of your travels, you can turn it into a video journal. Make it exciting and give people interesting facts about the places you visit. You can film yourself walking around or you can make a slide show of pictures. However, people will more likely watch a video of you walking around.

Another vlog can be website reviews. These websites can be ones that you are an affiliate for or they can be sites that people are interested in and you want to share your experience with them. After people watch the video, you want to direct them to your site where they can learn more. So give them enough information at the start, but not everything they need to know. You want to encourage them to learn more by visiting your site.

Commercials are another great idea still as popular as they were when TV was invented. You can make your own commercial by simply being a spokesperson for your product or affiliate program. No matter how you put it together, if you grab the interest of your target audience, it should work out for you just fine.

You can use a video to provide certain information to a viewer and give them the option to purchase or request more information in the end. This is where a squeeze page comes in handy. If you like, you can put a video on the squeeze page, or just have them click a link to take you to the page after viewing the video. Whatever way you choose to do it doesn’t matter as long as you can encourage people to give you their information so they can now be on your list.

Some people out there may have very large lists of clients. One thing you can do is to start a joint venture with those people. You can charge a fee for others to use your video on their site, or you can cross promote each other’s products or services. This gives you more exposure and traffic to your vlog as well as exposure for your partner. It’s a win-win situation.

One more idea for creating videos is to give people tips and advice. Start a tip of the week vlog to keep people tuning in to your show. Keep the tips related to your niche, and never give them too much information to take in. Keep it short, simple and to the point.

So as you can see, thinking outside of the box is essential to attract people to your product or service with this method. It really isn’t hard to do, and there are lots of resources available on the web today that will help you create you video blog. If you want to grow your list, then consider partnering with other marketers. There are endless possibilities with vlogging. Take some of the information here and begin your journey today!

The Perfection of Imperfection

You know, not just as Internet marketers but as people, we crave perfection. And because of that fact, we fail to act when we probably should.

ThePerfection of Imperfection

I think you’ll recognize the following examples:

– Planning a party and then putting it off to the following weekend because there’s more time to get it ‘just perfect’.

– Waiting until the year after to go on that course, because the deadline this year is just too soon; you’re not quite ready.

– Writing that book that never quite gets finished because it’s not reading just as you’d like yet.

– Putting that concert off: sure, he/she will be around this part of the country next year – won’t they? You don’t have the money right now anyway… or the time… this time…

And specifically as an Internet marketer, you’ll notice that we are always (in the same way) trying to create the perfectly perfect product. We want to wait until it’s just right or just ready and at the best time in the most apt niche.

Careful is good, don’t get me wrong – you don’t want to invest in everything shiny you see like some mindless raven but there is also a danger in being too cautious.

If you wait until you’re ready… really ready it will queue your success and put you after those others that will dare to try and fail with the products that they have now. Not perfect products – working products. You see, if you’ve been in this game as long as I have, you’ll understand this:

There won’t EVER be a perfect product.

Every product, service, investment, niche and sales related system has risks. In fact, to cheer you up, I’ll tell you this: every moment of life, whether you think about it or not, has risks. You could go outside today and be hit by a bus with no greater or less risk realistically than if you were skydiving. You have to just work with the circumstances you’re in.

There will always be a product ready today, that sells today. And even failing to generate sales will teach you how to reach success next time. Because there are no failures, just learnings. Every product that sells less than another tells you many, many useful things about your market – about your consumer. And once you are inside the buying brain of a consumer – well, that’s when the money rolls in.

Do not delay in your experiments. Run with what you have today and make it work the best it can, for now. Stop trying to make everything work out perfectly because frankly you’re wasting time and missing out on valuable lessons and challenges that could have benefitted you as a very successful Internet marketer.

Sometimes you just have to rip the plaster off. Just pull and stop thinking about the how’s and whys. Doing things too carefully often delays the inevitable anyway and drags out the whole affair, causing pain. On a similar note, for you and for your life (on and offline) – If you need to walk away from something, just do it now. Waiting is more stressful than the act itself and once you’re on the other side, you can begin anew. But never before then. There’s never a good time. The time is NOW.

Certainly, don’t wait for approval to do something either. I have noted a lot of Internet marketers worrying about what their families etc. will think of their trial and error mode. And I don’t blame them – the jobs we have are more risky when you’re self-employed, naturally. But you’re here because you do not want to be a corporate slave, you want freedom. Let that freedom of choice be reflected in your next decisions too then, because life waits for no man and no woman.

Move with it, act now, make your own decisions – be free to make mistakes and to try different things. Products don’t sell themselves, you sell them. And the more you try, the better your methods will become.

Don’t wait for the perfect thing – it’s not coming. Make use of what you can do now – today. Your imperfection is all of our imperfections. It is what makes us human. It is what makes us great. Harness your imperfections, take action and work toward your greatness every day.

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