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The “Magic” Email

If you’re trying to contact business and they’re ignoring your emails, here’s what you do. Send them the “magic” email.

Magic Email

I didn’t name this. In fact, you can find several good articles about the magic email online.

And no, it’s not really magic. But in many cases it does indeed get a person to talk to you and even invite you for a meeting.

It works like this:

You’ve sent out one or more emails to your leads. Some have answered, some have not. Some of those who initially answered are now ignoring you.

For all those who are not communicating, send them this email:

“Since I have not heard from you on this, I have to assume your priorities have changed.”

You can add to this or send it as is. I’m told (I haven’t tried this myself) that your response rate will typically be 50% or more, which is really, really good.

Why does it work? Because you don’t sound needy. Heck, you don’t sound like you need them at all. You’re making it clear you are moving on. And when you take something away from someone, what happens? They suddenly WANT it. So they reply back – often immediately – to try to keep you from walking away.

Try it – you’ve got nothing to lose and plenty of sales to be gained.

Turn Old Books into Fast Cash with Etsy

Here’s a quick idea to make some extra income on Etsy.

Turn Old Books into Fast Cash with Etsy

If you don’t yet have an Etsy seller’s account, sign up for one.

Then buy books with ‘plates’ – those prints that look especially good. You’ll find them for all sorts of things, but what you’re looking for is pictures people would want to hang on their wall. For example, I found a seller who buys certain art books from the 80’s and 90’s and cuts out the pictures. These pictures are high quality and look fabulous.

Then he mats them, frames them and sells them.

You could just mat them if you don’t want to hassle with the framing, but there are more buyers for framed pictures that are ready to hang on the wall. One book might yield you a dozen or even 50 pictures that you can then mat and sell. And since you can buy good used books through Amazon at cheap prices, your costs are very low.

I don’t want to create direct competition for the guy who is successfully doing this, so I’ll leave it to you to pick your niches to focus on. Just think about what enthusiasts like, find those books with artsy type pictures depicting those things and you’re in business.

And by the way, this guy is up front about the fact that he gets his pictures from old books. But they look so good, people really don’t care.

If you’re looking for extra cash, starting a new Etsy business may be just what you need.

Why Aren’t You Earning Five-Six Figures?

Because you’re not doing what it takes to earn that kind of money.

Why Aren’t You Earning Five-Six Figures?

Anyone who earns 5 figures a month (or 6 figures, for that matter) decided to do something that could potentially earn that much money.

For example, you’re not going to earn tons of money by doing marketing for local businesses yourself. You just don’t have the time to go get the new business AND fulfill all the things they need.

But if you outsource all of the actual work, then you can focus just on getting new clients.

Or better still, you can hire someone to get the new clients as well, and simply spend your time running the business.

Now that is a way to make 5 or 6 figures a month.

Whatever you’re doing now, or considering doing, ask yourself if it has the potential to make the kind of money you want.

If you are truly serious about earning five or six figures every month online and you don’t want to do all the work to build the business yourself, find a top-tier affiliate program such as Digital Altitude or a multiple income stream system like the Plug-In Profit Site which can pay you large commissions and while outsourcing and automating the selling for you.

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