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The 79 Cent Method to Getting Stuff Done

Do you have trouble completing tasks? Try this…

The79 Cent Method to Getting Stuff Done

You’ve got a ton of stuff to do to set up your funnel…

→ create a lead magnet
→ write squeeze page copy
→ build a squeeze page
→ install tracking software
→ write follow up emails
→ create an OTO
→ create an OTO sales page
→ create an OTO download page

And so forth and so on.

It’s a big project, and when confronted with such a big project, what do most people do? They start on something – maybe the lead magnet – but they hit a snag.

So they set it aside and work on something else; maybe the squeeze page. But now they have questions about how to do it.

So they start on the follow up emails…

You see where this is going. Does it sound familiar?

Here’s the 79 cent method to getting stuff done:

Buy a pack of index cards.

Break down everything you need to do into steps.

Write each step on a card, in order.

Now pick up the top card and lay it right in front of you.

Put the rest of the stack inside your desk.

You don’t get card #2 until you finish card #1.

No exceptions.

NO exceptions.

Now when you run into an obstacle, you’ll find ways to get through it or around it so you can get that card off of your desk and move onto the next one.

Having trouble setting up the squeeze page? Go to Google for answers, or check YouTube for a ‘how-to’ video.


I noticed 2 things back when I first used this method. First, I got things done. It was great! And such a relief. Second, I built confidence. Every time I ran into an obstacle, I found the answer and powered through. I can’t tell you what that did for my belief in my ability to make things happen.

After awhile, I couldn’t wait to get to the next ‘problem’ so I could solve it.

And even today, if I notice I’m procrastinating on a project because it seems too big, I pull out my blank index cards and start writing.

It works every time.

Data Proves Amazon Reviews with “Free or Discounted Disclaimer” are Extremely Biased. Here’s What You Can Do About It…

Did you know that more than half of all new reviews submitted to Amazon are incentivized reviews? Third party review clubs have popped up all over the internet. “Get Products in Exchange for Reviewing them Online” they tell their visitors.

DataProves Amazon Reviews with “Free or Discounted Disclaimer” are ExtremelyBiased. Here's What You Can Do About It...

According to Amazon, this is acceptable as long as the reviewer discloses this fact. But here’s the major flaw in the system – product owners can CHOOSE who reviews their products. Thus reviewers are motivated to post positive reviews, so they can continue to receive free stuff.

Post an honest review that’s not positive, and you may never receive a freebie again. Post a positive review regardless of whether or not it’s honest, and the free stuff keeps coming.

For example, one reviewer has over 1,600 reviews, all of which are 5 star except for one lone four star review.

So how biased are these reviews? ReviewMeta analyzes online reviews and helps identify which ones are honest and which ones are less than honest.

On a study of 1.7 million reviews on 807 products…

– 7% received a lower rating from their incentivized reviews

– 6% received the same rating from their incentivized reviews

– 87% received a higher rating from their incentivized reviews

So what does this mean for you?

If you are selling products on Amazon, you can get incentivized reviews and they will almost assuredly boost your star rating.

But beware. As more and more shoppers realize what’s happening, there is a possibility it could hurt your product sales in the long run.

Best bet: Get incentivized reviews in the beginning just to get your first reviews. After all, a dozen or so incentivized reviews still looks better than no reviews.

From then on, let your reviews happen naturally.

And if you are buying a product on Amazon, you might want to insert the URL into the ReviewMeta analyzer to see what the reviews say minus the incentivized reviews.

For example, Xfinity Internet had an original rating of 3.7 stars. But the adjusted rating when you remove incentivized ratings is just 1.4. Ouch.

Marketers beware – there is no substitute for having a genuinely great product.

The difference between a $1,000 a month marketer and a $100,000/month marketer

Not as much as you might think. Both marketers have the same access to the internet. Both have the same access to software, websites, plugins, courses, etc. And both have the same access to writers, graphic artists and techies. So what’s the difference?

The difference between a $1,000 a month marketer and a $100,000/monthmarketer

Why does one earn 100 times more than the other?

3 things…

Belief and perseverance – at one time, the person earning 6 figures a month wasn’t earning a cent online. But because they BELIEVED they could do it, they persevered. They stuck to it and they kept going until they were successful.

Ideas – if we all have access to the same resources on the web, then the difference can be as simple as the one resource we have that no one else shares – our mind.

When you carry a notebook with you and jot down several ideas a day, every day, your mind becomes an idea machine. And some of those ideas are truly worth millions. They don’t even have to be original ideas. Sometimes a small tweak to an existing idea can make all the difference.

Ever notice how one app sells half a million copies and a very similar app doesn’t sell 50 copies? What’s the difference? Something small. Maybe how it was slanted, how it was presented, or even the name can make all the difference.

One more thing about your own ideas – you tend to love them more, and thus work harder to see them to fruition. They’re like your own children versus someone else’s kids. You’ll work hard and longer to support them and see them change the world.

Write down your ideas and hang onto them. Read them often. They can truly make the difference between being broke and being rich.

Experience – there is no substitute for experience. It’s experience that brings confidence to keep growing.

You start one small project and it’s a success. So you start a bigger project, and it fails. But from the failure you learn something really important.

So on your third project, you take what you learned from the first two and you have a breakthrough, and so it goes.

One last thing that makes the difference – Action. Doing what it takes. Hard work as well as smart work.

Now someone out there just read these words and said, ‘bullshit.’ Why? Because I didn’t talk about Luck. Sure, luck plays a part. Some people are lucky enough to be born rich. Some people are lucky enough to get really terrific breaks. For the other 98.5% of us, we get to create our own luck.

Yes, it would have been nice to get the special breaks a few enjoy. But when you don’t get them, you can either sit on the couch or weep or go make your own breaks. It’s up to you. Now take what you were reminded of here and go make your next 100,000.00! 🙂

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