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How to Create a Squeeze Page that Converts Like Crazy

Last month we covered how to create the perfect lead magnet that expertly targets your ideal audience and makes them want to join your list.

How to Create a Squeeze Page that Converts Like Crazy

This month we’re going to cover how to create the landing page or squeeze page where you send your visitors, so they can sign up and get the lead magnet.

After all, even if you create the hottest, greatest, most magnificent lead magnet ever, it won’t mean a thing if your squeeze page scares people away.

Next month we’ll cover how to get as much traffic as you want from Facebook.

Because once you have learned all three of these skills, you can literally go into any market and create a list building machine in just days.

Better still, you can take it one step further and build a complete product funnel behind your lead magnet, offering a tripwire (low ticket) offer, followed by your main offer, followed by a big ticket item.

In fact we are going to cover all of that in month 4 of this series.

So let’s start at the beginning…

What is a Landing or Squeeze Page?

You know how when you click on a link to get a free book, and you end up on a page that tells you how great the book is, and it gives you a form to enter your email address to get the book?

That’s an example of a landing page, and more specifically, a squeeze page. The reason it’s called a “squeeze” page is because it “squeezes” the visitor into opting in to your list, since there is no other option on the page.

Sales letters and video sales letters can also be used as landing pages. The visitor clicks a link to check out the product and lands on a sales page.

Today for the purpose of creating a list building machine, we’re going to spend our time on making a squeeze page.

And not just any old squeeze page, either, but one that converts like crazy.

Think about this: You build a squeeze page and send 200 visitors to it per day, every day, like clockwork.

Now, you were in a hurry when you built the squeeze page. You cut a couple of corners, didn’t spend much time on your copy and basically just threw the thing together.

And it’s converting at a respectable 30%. So in the course of 30 days, you get 1800 new subscribers. Not bad!

But what if you’d invested a little more time and effort, and got that conversion rate up to 40%? Now you’re getting 2400 new subscribers a month for the exact same effort.

And if you get that page converting at 50%? Now we’re talking 3,000 new subscribers per month.

Do you see why it’s important to get your squeeze page just right? The more subscribers you get, the more money you can make.

Plus, once you get an offer in place to monetize your list building efforts, you’ll be able to make more sales on a squeeze page that converts higher.

This means you can spend more money to get new subscribers, which means you can build your list even FASTER.

I see marketers throw up squeeze pages like there’s nothing to it. And they’re right, it’s easy to put a squeeze page up. But it takes talent, skill and testing to create a squeeze page that converts really well.

One thing – don’t get hung up on how well your page ‘should’ convert. Every niche is different. Every offer is different. There are many variables that affect how well your page converts, not the least of which is quality.

For example, what would you rather have – 10,000 random people on your list? Or 1,000 highly targeted people who want exactly what you offer? You get the idea.

Let’s get started on building that squeeze page:

Golden Rule of Squeeze Pages – Don’t distract your visitor. Ever. For any reason. If your squeeze page is going to convert, then you’ve got to make it laser focused on that one single conversion behavior.

One page. One offer. No distractions. No exit links, no sidebars, no headers, no footers…

Your goal is to create a compelling landing page with great copy and an irresistible offer. Appearance is important, but your offer is crucial. It’s better to have an ugly page with great copy and a great offer, than a super slick page with lousy copy and a boring offer.

You’ll need…

  • A Headline – what is it that you’re giving away?
  • A Sub-headline – what does your lead magnet DO?
  • 3-4 bullets – build curiosity
  • An Image of the Lead Magnet – make it GOOD
  • The “Download Now” button
  • Want a super-fast shortcut? Use a template in Lead Pages or Optimize Press.

We’re not going to get into the mechanics of building the page itself, but rather, we’re going to focus on your copy.

If you feel completely overwhelmed by the mechanics of page building, then don’t do it. Seriously. Hire someone to put up your page for you. It won’t cost much, and you won’t have to worry about learning how to do it.

Or if you want to learn, then go to YouTube and search for videos that tell you step by step how to build your squeeze page.

The important things is DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON TECHNICAL STUFF.

Ever. Either learn it or outsource it, but don’t let the technical details slow you down or deter you for a second.

Example Squeeze Page Copy

Let’s look at example copy from a Digital Marketer Lab squeeze page:



  • The 11 Word Ad That Netted $208,485 in Sales Using One Simple Principle of Buyer Persuasion (This Formula Works In Any Market)
  • The “You Forgot” Reminder Trick That Brings In Tons Of New Customers and Leads, Even After They’ve Already Said No to Your Offer (We Use This One Over And Over, and You Should, Too)
  • The “Use ___?” Question Formula That Drive Down Click Costs and Sharply Increases Conversions. (Just Fill In The Blank And Watch Your Clicks Soar And Costs Plummet)
  • Plus… We’ll Reveal Out Top 3 Facebook Ads That Generated a Combined 110,422 Leads For Just $1.76 A Piece (And How We Made Our Money Back Quickly)

Notice the headline tells you what it is. The sub-headline lets you know what you can do with it. And the bullets add fuel to the fire, building curiosity and desire in the reader.

Squeeze Page Tips and Secrets

Let’s cover some techniques that can move your own squeeze page from mediocrity to email lead gathering MACHINE:

Social Proof: For those who need a slightly bigger push to grab your lead magnet, consider adding social proof below the fold. This could be testimonials from readers or customers, or even a quote from a well-known person in your niche that praises your lead magnet.

Frankly, most people will never see the social proof because the headline, sub-headline and bullets will be enough. But for those who need a little added incentive, nothing beats social proof for getting them off the fence and joining your list.

Two Step Opt-in versus One Step: Most squeeze pages use a one-step opt-in, where you see the form right there on the squeeze page.

But testing shows that two-step usually out-performs one-step. A two-step has a button on the squeeze page that says something like, “I want it!” or “Send me the report!” or “Download Now!”

Once the visitor clicks the button, the form appears for them to fill out. Hence the name “two step,” since it takes two steps to complete.

In a two-step, at the top of the form you can place a progress bar – one of those half-filled in bars that says you’re 50% done. The wording is usually something like, “Yes, I want the [fill in name of lead magnet!]. There is a space for their email address, and a button that says something like, “Get Instant Access.”

All of this is remarkably easy to do if you use a system such as Lead Pages or Optimize Press.

So why does a two-step convert better than a one-step?

Because you are initially asking for a smaller commitment, in that you’re only asking that they click a button.

But once they click the button, they have made a commitment to get the report, and thus they follow through.

It’s weird, I know, but human psychology is often strange and bizarre – hence the need to test things to see what works better.

Cover Images for cheap: If you want to save money when creating the image for your lead magnet, you can either use a program such as Canva, or you can head over to Fiverr and hire someone.

Cover Image just the way you want it: Go to Amazon and peruse the books. These could be books in your niche or any niche, for that matter. You’re looking for overall style and concept. When you find 2 or 3 that you like, show them to your graphic artist and explain what you like about them.

On Bullets: Spend time on these because one well-crafted bullet can make the difference between a person joining or not joining your list.

To make great bullets:

  • Be specific. Don’t tell them your lead magnet will make them money. Instead, tell then you’re going to show them the exact 12 word ad that netted you $$23,965.
  • Spark curiosity. You’re walking a fine line between being specific and making them curious. For example, The “You forgot” reminder trick that brings in an extra 344 subscribers to my list each week. People want to know what the ‘you forgot’ trick is.
  • Convey ease of use, or speed to results. Use your bullets to communicate how easy it will be to do [fill in blank] or how fast it’s going to happen once they know how.

Tell Them Why: Have a good reason why you need their email address to send them a report they could easily download without subscribing.

This one is controversial among online marketers. Many will tell you that your lead magnet must be something that can be immediately consumed, and I agree this is a good thing. If your new subscriber does watch your video or read your pdf, they now have a better sense of who you are and why they should continue to read your emails in the future.

However, when you ask for an email address in order to send them a pdf or video link, it becomes quite clear that you are harvesting their email address. After all, you could just as easily provide the download link without asking for their email.

This raises a red flag to many people, and actually makes it harder to convince them to give you their email.

But… if you offer an email course, then of course (no pun intended 😉 you need their email address.

Personally, I like to do both. I like to give them an immediate gift – perhaps telling them my favorite method of getting traffic – while also giving them an email course that they receive once per day for the next week or two.

This way they get an immediate benefit AND you have a very good reason for harvesting their email address.

Plus, people consume information best in small chunks. An email course gives you the perfect reason to appear in their email account each day, and it gets the reader used to opening and reading your emails as well.

In the example above where the immediate benefit was finding out my favorite method of driving traffic, the email course would be step-by-step HOW to implement that method.

See how they naturally tie together? It’s the best of both worlds.

Emphasize small investment of time, huge payoff: Your prospect is crazy BUSY. S/he isn’t looking for a 200 page pdf or a series of 12 videos. What they would love to have is a 2 page cheat sheet that tells them exactly how to fix the problem that is currently driving them crazy.

Less is more when it comes to lead magnets, and you need to emphasize on your squeeze page just how fast they can consume the info to get the payoff they seek.

Think of it this way – you want to let your prospect know they are getting something they will use, and not something they should use.

Fewer Fields = More Subscribers: Whenever possible, reduce form fields. The fewer fields there are on your form, the more likely people will fill it out.

Don’t believe me? Imagine a form that asks you for your first name, last name, phone number, email address and mailing address.

Now imagine a form that asks just for your email address.

Which one are you more likely to fill out?

Use Payoff Button Copy: Have you seen those buttons that say things like, “Sign up,” “Subscribe” and “Submit?” Ouch. Who wants to submit? No me and not your prospects, either.

Use your button copy to remind them of what they are getting and not that they have to do something.

Good examples are:

  • Send me my course now!
  • Send my free tips!
  • Get instant access!
  • Give me access now!

Test: Don’t take my word for anything above. While these are all proven, effective techniques, the fact is that different things can work in different niches. Once you’ve built your squeeze page, make it your control and test it against other pages.

Try changing the headline – even a small headline tweak can sometimes result in a significant change in conversions.

Test your sub-headlines and bullets.

Test your button copy.

Test two-step versus one-step.

And even test the lead magnet image, too.

One last thing, and I know I’ve said this before but it bears repeating – do not let the mechanics and technical aspect of setting up a squeeze page deter you for even a second.

You can either learn it, use a program such as Lead Pages, or simply hire someone to handle it for you.

There are multi-million dollar earners in the “how to market online” field who literally couldn’t build a squeeze page if they had to.

But that’s just it – they don’t have to. They hire someone to do it for them, so they can focus on the important aspects of running their business.

Outsourcing and delegating anything that’s not in your realm of expertise will do more to accelerate your business growth than almost anything else.

Set a deadline to have your squeeze page in place that’s no more than 7 days out. And then just get it done.

Next month we’ll cover how to get traffic on demand from Facebook, at which point you’ll be able to use the skills you’re learning to go into any market and create a list building machine in just days.

Stay tuned!

15 Tips for Increase the Size of Your Sales

Why sell $10 of stuff when you can sell $20?

Or to put it another way… if you normally sell $5,000 of products a month, and you increase that amount by just 20%, you’re selling an extra $12,000 of products per year.

15 Tips for Increase the Size of Your Sales

Here are some tips to make it happen painlessly and nearly effortlessly:

1: Offer additional offers on the order form, after they start to put info on the form. By waiting to make the offer until after they’re begun the checkout process, you greatly increase the odds they won’t abandon the cart and they will take the extra offer.

2: Let them know that customers who bought product “X” also bought product “Y.” You can do this before the actual sale, during the checkout process or afterwards in an upsell or follow up.

3: Another way to word the “X” and “Y” product proposition is this: “Successful [investors] who bought “X” also bought “Y”, and as a result saw an additional [12%] increase in [profits.]

4: After the sale, send them an, “Important Alert: Because you bought “X,” you get to try “Y” at a preferential rate. Because it will do [benefits] we highly encourage you to try it immediately. And with our no excuses guarantee, we’ll take all the risk and you get all the benefits.”

5: Make a deal with another product owner to sell one of their products on the order page at a steep discount. “Special Bonus for my customers ONLY: When you order right now, you can add [Joe’s Colossal Traffic Course] that normally costs $299 for just $19 more.” You make more money and Joe gets to add to his list of buyers.

6: Add a subscription bonus into the sales package. “When you buy today, you get a [3] month free subscription to [The ABC] membership. If you like it, do nothing and you will be billed $29 a month starting in month 4.”

7: Add a subscription bonus with no auto-billing. If you have a subscription – such as software – that people love and get addicted to, you might add it as a free bonus without the auto billing. People use your free subscription, get hooked and then they have to subscribe to the paid version when their trial runs out.

8: Offer an upgrade to a premium version of your product, such as a physical copy that is mailed to them, or a deluxe version that includes tutorials, case studies, etc.

9: Marketing test bump: At the end of your offer and before the purchase, because they are a first time buyer (or whatever reason you want to use) and you want to ensure their success, you’re going to let them also have “X” product, which usually sells for [$], for only [$]. This works really well when the second product provides help in implementing the first product. For example, if your product teaches someone how to build a website, the bump could be a hosting package or a WordPress theme.

10: Add an interpersonal, interactive experience. For example, you might offer an upgrade that includes live conference calls or even live one-on-one coaching.

11: If applicable, offer continuous updates for a certain period of time for a larger price.

12: If your price is big, offer to take payments. For example, you might offer to take 5 payments of $99 instead of one payment of $447 for your course.

13: Offer templates as an upgrade. “It took me years to develop this, to learn exactly what to do, say, etc., and it’s made me [$x], but you can have it for only [$].

14: Offer a critiquing service as an upgrade. For example, if you’re teaching coding, website building, copywriting, how to create a dating profile that works, etc., then offer to critique their work for an added fee.

15: Offer advanced training in the form of teleseminars, webinars, live in person seminars, etc. And by the way, you don’t have to be the expert – you can get experts to do this for you. For example, if you’re selling someone else’s product, ask them to do a live webinar for your buyers.

BONUS Method: Presell a product you’re about to launch. If you’ve got a related product that’s coming out in the next 1-3 months, offer it at a discount to your buyers today. This method is so powerful, Jay Abraham used it to sell $2.5 million of a subscription that didn’t even go live for 6 months after he started promoting it.

Your results will vary 😉

3 MORE Highly Effective Email List Building Techniques for 2017

Last month we covered 3 ways to list build that are working especially well this year. If you missed the article, you might want to go back and see how to build your list with Facebook Live Videos, Guest Posting with Upgrades and Hosting a Virtual Summit.

3 MORE Highly Effective Email List Building Techniques for 2017

Today we have three more list building techniques that are working really well this year.

And before we get started, I just had a thought: What if you implemented all 6 of these techniques in the next 60 days? Can you imagine just how fast your list might grow?

Hmmm. Something worth thinking about. And definitely something worth doing. That’s because if your list isn’t growing, odds are your income is either stagnant if you’re lucky, or diminishing if you’re like most marketers.

The fact is, there are two kinds of customers who tend to buy the most stuff from you. One is the fan who will buy most anything you recommend or create. The second is the new list member who right now thinks you’re hot stuff. And you are! But the problem is, sooner or later they will latch onto someone else or lose interest in the topic, and then they’re not such a great customer any more.

Which is why you always need to be list building.

Let’s get started:

Method #1: Give the Bonus

This one is simple and quick. You take one of your products and offer it to someone who is about to launch a product. Your product then becomes the bonus to their product.

To be effective, you should offer a product that is currently selling well or at least recently sold well. This will make it easier for the product launcher to say yes.

Your product should also be an excellent fit while not duplicating content. For example, if they’re selling a course on meditation, you might offer your product on getting great sleep, easing stress or thinking more clearly – all benefits of meditation.

Everyone who buys the product from the launch will be added to your list, so you can send them the freebie.

Method #2: Do Webinar Giveaways

When you publish a new blog post on how to do something or achieve some kind of results, give a free webinar, too.

To entice people onto the webinar and get them to join your list, you’re going to offer an incentive. It should be something people love that is very closely related to the blog post topic.

Once people get on your webinar, let them know how to get the freebie, teach the content in the blog post, and at the end pitch your paid product that is directly related to the blog post.

Here’s what the sequence looks like:

  • Publish a blog post
  • Offer a free webinar to blog post readers
  • Let everyone on social media know about the webinar as well
  • The incentive to get on the webinar is that you are teaching the content in the blog post (and then some) AND giving away something really enticing and valuable.
  • On the webinar, give them the URL to download the freebie (they give their email address so you know where to send it). Teach the blog post content. And pitch a product that is directly related to the blog post.

Don’t forget to record the webinar and place it on the blog post. This will keep new people coming to the webinar and signing up for the enticing freebie, as well as buying your paid product.

And of course you can continue to send people to the recorded webinar via social media.

Rinse and repeat.

Method #3: Get New Subscribers to Tell Their Friends

Using a tool such as SmartBribe you can bribe your brand new subscribers to tell other people about you via social media.

Here’s how it works:

You need a lead magnet. Identify the most popular and awesome free thing you give away. Or create something new, or even use one of your products as your lead magnet – whatever works for you.

Then you set up SmartBribe to give away something even BETTER (or something that adds additional value) on the thank you page in exchange for people telling their friends about you.

Once your new subscribers tell their friends about you via Twitter and email, they’ll get the even more awesome thing.

A word of caution: Most people will read this article and do nothing.

A small handful will choose one list building technique and use it to quickly add more subscribers.

But only the truly motivated will use all 6 techniques – those in this article and the one that appeared last month – to build their lists at an exponential rate.

And those are the folks who will be earning 6 figures a year from now.

Just sayin’.

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